The Quest to Mastering Project Management


SUKAD has started developing online courses that would be readily accessible from a PC or mobile device. These courses can be independent, or easily integrated with our classroom courses and programs, in order to greatly minimize classroom time.

Our online courses are ideal for professionals anywhere in the world. The idea, of course, is to reduce the time and cost of long-distance travel. Courses are accessible from our platform. Alternatively, we can host the learning program on a client-dedicated learning management system.

We call the online program, the Quest to Mastering Project Management, or PM Quest for short. The reason for this name is that mastering project management cannot happen in a 5-day course like some claim or generic certifications. Mastering project management takes a year of learning and practice.

At this time, we have:

  1. Three short overviews/sneak peeks on the PM Quest site that you can try with our compliment. 
  2. There are also four courses available for a reasonable investment. 
  3. Check the program out, 


Temporary Offer

During the Pandemic and since many professionals are Working from Home, SUKAD can support our project management community with free online courses. To gain access to any of the courses, please register on the PM Quest site, first. Once you register, decide on the course that you want to take (ignore the prices) and reach out to us via the inquiry form, so we can provide you the free access.