Uruk Status and Investment Opportunities

Three ways to support this pioneering initiative

Consider investing in Uruk PPM

What we need today is the support of those who understand how to build a global power in the project management software industry to position us among the global leaders within a few years.

We stated earlier that we had secured about $170,000, through friends and family. Now, we aim to raise the additional funds necessary to continue the development and release our initial solution to the market in early 2020.

We will have two routes for your support:

  1. The first route is a campaign that is restricted to accredited investors through the Fundable platform. Please check https://www.fundable.com/sukad.
  2. The second route is through a crowdfunding campaign, which we will announce in due time.

For more details, you can also contact us directly, through the contact form on this site.