Uruk PPM Platform, The Five Elements


The Uruk PPM Platform consists of five primary elements, as explained below and shown in the image.

The Core Engine, Tailored Methods

Using the SUKAD Way™ and CAMMP™, we want to transform CAMMP™ (and the other the SUKAD Way™ elements) into a suite of tailored methods for managing various types and classes of projects. These tailored methods would be to manage the project and phases following a project life cycle, stage-gate approach. This Platform component would consist of numerous versions to fit the diversity of the types of projects.

Project Management Modules

Build complementary project management modules that would integrate with CAMMP™ but can also be sold as independent modules or services. These would include risk, quality, and change management, links to the strategic plan, among other topics. 


Portfolio Management (Governance and Dashboards)

Build in the portfolio management structure, including governance, and organizational dashboard for real-time monitoring and performance accountability, resource allocations and tracking. We will also have analytics tools for the occasional assessment of the whole portfolio.

Organizational Knowledge Base

The Platform will also have a database to serve as the organizational knowledge repository housing all past and present project information, historical records, and lessons learned. This would be internal and restricted to each client. This knowledge-base would be significant and would enable considerable savings in the effort and cost of ongoing projects.

Open Knowledge Library

Finally, the portal will be knowledge-sharing, a resource library that would include (a) SUKAD learning content (e-books, case studies to support all the above), and (b) project information that could be shared on an open-source basis (from various sources). The intent here is to encourage communities of practice.

Further, here is a brief video on the subject.