The Pioneers – Early Adopters

Another way to achieve success is with the help of organizations that can benefit greatly from a PPM Solution. Remember, our success is primarily about the success of our clients and disrupting the project management software market. We must work toward a win-win-win!

Therefore, if you are an organization that has been considering project management software or solution, and you believe SUKAD Corp can add value to your project’s delivery practice, why not be an early adopter, a pioneer, a forerunner for this project management digital transformation?

We would be happy to meet with you to understand your vision and needs and how we can align our offering to your strategic objectives. If we align, and we know it is highly likely, then we would invite you to join us and invest in our initiative by pre-investing into the platform for your organization. 

For your support in funding the development, we can offer:

  1. Significant discounts over our market release pricing, and 
  2. We would be able to tailor a version that would be fit-for-purpose and your type of projects.
  3. Further, we would be happy to credit you on our website as an early adopter and supporter.