Project & Stages Success

The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects framework includes an approach for assessing project success, The Four Dimensions of Project Success™.

The Uruk PPM Platform will incorporate the SUKAD success model with the criteria of how to assess the success for each dimension. There will be a SUKAD default criterion and approach. However, this will require customization to suit the client’s needs.

The platform is not limited to assessing success, but related, we will have numerous performance metrics available for the dashboards and analysis. With the technological advancement of Big Data and Analytics, we would have data to assess the performance of each project and the performance of the whole organizational portfolio.

For small-simple projects, we assess success on the project level only. On the other hand, for medium to large projects, we would be evaluating the success of every phase and stage. The good news is that we will make the assessments as automated and as seamless as possible. In other words, no need for added effort.

It is also worth noting that two of the four project dimensions cannot be determined during the project life cycle; they will be the responsibility of the project management unit or executive management; long after project closure