CAMMP Tailored Project Management Methods

Once the Uruk PPM is fully developed, in the future, we could have 20+ different types of projects built-in with their Gantt’s, flowcharts, templates, and workflow. All these tailored methods will be customized and adapted from the standard model to fit the industry and project types.


Here is what we expect to accomplish before June 2020

  • Initially, we will be releasing three types of projects; these would be Technology, Facilities, and Special Projects (general business projects).
  • Next, we can add a generic type, another tailored for government projects, and one more for NGOs’ projects.

However, we will not stop here. As we release these various types, we will work on more and in two directions.

  • One direction would be to add more general types at the first level.
  • Another path would be to split the first level types into subtypes. For example, in facilities, we can have infrastructure, buildings, and industrials. In Technology, we could have software, infrastructure, and ERP system; and so on.

Imagine a large organization having to build all of these projects for their various divisions and branches? We will have all types built-in, to the best of our abilities. All that would be required after that point is this test:

  • If the organization is happy with our tailored methods, they can adopt it and move into rolling out the solution within days, if not hours. They would only need training.
  • If an organization needs further tailoring, we can do so with limited consultancy engagement for further customization.

To learn more about the SUKAD 3-step tailoring process, please check this YouTube video playlist.