CAMMP Projects Classifications

The tailored methods are not limited to customizations to a given type. Building a house is not like building a major hospital, a university complex, ora large skyscraper. Although all of these projects would be classified as facilities projects, they vary in size and complexity. There is a need for further tailoring of the methods. SUKAD use three main classifications that we can extend to five classes:

  1. Micro Projects
  2. Small-Simple Projects
  3. Medium-Moderate Complexity Projects
  4. Large-Complex Projects
  5. Megaprojects for certain types.          


The image here is not exclusive; it is only an example of how these classes exist for a given type. For example, under Facilities Projects, we show four classes; under special projects, we list only three classes. Again, this is not the final status, only examples. Our vision is to accommodate all these types and classes; in due time!

Please pause and reflect on what we are saying and forgive the repetition: 

As an organization, you can go from zero (no formal organizational project management and methodology) to a full system (with the tailored methods, inclusive of the workflow, templates, stage-gates, and tutorials) within days and limited initial investment.

Did someone say we just built your PMO? Well, maybe not everything but a huge part is done without investing millions.

We cannot leave now without saying the following: if you do not have the resources to build your OPMS and PMO, Uruk PPM is a solution. If you do not have the resources to manage projects, check out the SUKAD PMaaS!