The Organizational Project Management System

The SUKAD organizational project management system is based on The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™. We cannot explain every link here, but we will touch on a few.

  • Three of the fundamental elements are related to CAMMP™. These are the project life cycle, processes and functions, and advanced topics.
  • The tools and technology elements could be any software, application and include the Uruk PPM.
  • Leadership and professional development are addressed directly via the Uruk PPM Platform. However, the platform will include numerous knowledge resources and step-by-step tutorials.
  • Knowledge Management is an essential component of the Uruk PPM platform through the internal organizational knowledge base and the open resources library.
  • Finally, the strategic and organizational aspects are indirectly applied through the Uruk PPM Platform's governance component.

In other words, the basic organizational project management system is already built for you. No need to invest a vast sum in developing!