Master Certificates (Professional)

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Master certificates are professional, not academic certificates that could be offered for those who want in-depth, practical, and applied learning in project management. This program could be limited to classroom sessions or offered using the project-based learning format.

SUKAD can offer three different types of master certificates, each consist of about 150 hours of learning, subdivided into 6 to 8 workshops taken over one to four years. The master certificates that we offer are:

Project Management Methodology: this would be on the CAMMP™ Model where each workshop will cover a stage or two of the model. This would be best for small teams wanting to work on real projects and in this case we recommend following the PBL approach.

Project Management Functions: this master certificate will offer various workshops that are not directly linked. They could be on topics such as risk management, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, change management, among others.

Advanced Project Management: this master certificate will cover advanced topics such as building the OPM system, building the PMO, program management, etc.