Establishing the Organization Project Management System (OPMS)

At SUKAD, Organizational Project Management encompasses the governance, policies, processes, and methodologies that your organization employs to manage projects. Effective systems achieve a high level of Project Management Maturity – and that translates into an improved bottom line.

Today, many organizations (private and public) embrace project management as central to their organization’s performance. Additionally, more and more organizations are implementing Project Management Offices to initiate project management practices – but something’s missing!

It’s not uncommon for an organization to experience failure of the PMO. At SUKAD, we’ve learned that while many organizations build a physical Project Management Office, they are NOT fully implementing the proven management organization systems and functions.

SUKAD management consultants believe in the following – if a PMO is not fully empowered or if a PMO does not own the project management system, it will undoubtedly fail. “Trendy” chatter and industry lingo (either online or in the office) does not ensure long-term project performance.

Creating a Project Management System

Whether your organization has a basic project management system or not – we can be an asset. If you don’t have a system in place, we can help you build a system from scratch, or you can quickly adopt our proprietary SUKAD Way™ framework. If you have a partial project management system in place, we can certainly build on the existing structure and help your organization to fill the gaps.

At SUKAD, we work closely with your organization and encourage personnel to engage as much as possible. This encourages individual involvement and inspires people to “buy-in” to the newly developing system.

When creating or building a Project Management System, we follow our proprietary approach – SUKAD’s Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (The 7Es™).