Building the Project Management Office (PMO)

Something to think about

SUKAD is often vocal about the concept of PMO and that PMOs might not be an ideal solution. History shows us that a large percentage of PMOs do not last more than two years, or they are not as effective as perceived and anticipated.

Consequently, every so often, we hear about a different type of PMO. What is happening is mostly re-packaging or re-branding a concept that might be workable but not optimal. We do recognize that some PMOs could be highly successful if, and only if they are set up with the proper mandate.

However, we ask the question again, why “PM” is an “O” while all other functions are business units, divisions, or departments? What SUKAD is promoting is to rethink the PMO and elevate it to its needed level, a business unit. Nonetheless, we recognize that some organizations are not ready to make the jump. A PMO could be an intermediate step between current reality and the desired state of project management excellence.

Building your Project Management Office

An adequately established Project (Program) Management Office with the right mandate and authority can be simply indispensable for any organization that wants to succeed – and continue to thrive. The challenge, of course, is that many PMOs fail within two years. Moreover, that’s because they were not set up correctly, to begin with. Why do PMOs fail? What are the inherent pitfalls? Is the right PMO structure in place? We will provide the answers. If your organization implements a standard PMO structure with questionable results, our experienced consultants can make it right.

Project Management Office Implementation

Because of our resources, SUKAD can lead or support the implementation of your PMO – for one business unit or across the entire organization. For larger organizations, our consultants would recommend more than just one PMO – allowing each PMO to be self -empowered with a different organizational mandate. As such, we work closely with your teams to establish each PMO while ensuring integration and making every effort to avoid any duplication of efforts.

In building your PMO, we use our proprietary Project Life Cycle Model. Our model allows us to create your PMO from identifying needs to real-world integration to closing the project. Here again, we work with you to validate the business case; define purposes, and determine functions. We then develop methodology and processes to implement the PMO within a time frame that fits. Depending on need, implementation can be intensive or over an extended period.