Assessments (Projects, Systems, PMO, and People)

ASSESSMENTS - Project and System

Project and System Assessments are typically shorter-term consultancy services. While limited in duration, the scope of our approach is focused. We can provide reviews, audits, or assessments – on a project, department, or entire organizational system. In short, our services are customized.

General Reviews

Our review service is designed to analyze a freestanding project, a department's process (or multiple processes; or an existing project management methodology. On a macro scale, we can also review an entire project management system to identify gaps and suggest improvements.

Our review service operates on a less formal basis than our other two services. Reviews generally require a shorter engagement period and would be limited to SUKAD consultants. For example, a review might be a particular appraisal of a specific service provider or another consultant.

Formal Assessments

Our assessment service is designed to be structured and comprehensive. Dependent on your needs, SUKAD consultants can assess your management methodology, a specific department's internal processes, or a complete organizational system. Our assessments are far more formal than our reviews, referencing global standards to realize Project Management Maturity.


Our audit service is focused on specific projects, processes, or functions. SUKAD consultants will examine a department's processes, overall management methodology, or an entire internal organizational system. Audits are formal engagements – our team of consultants audit against a client’s established systems, processes, and standards. Reports and conclusions are also formal.

ASSESSMENTS - Project Management Office

If your organization has a PMO that requires scrutinized assessment, our review and assessment service is ideal. Measured against leading global practices, we assess the purpose, role, function, and performance of your PMO. Further, we’ll ascertain whether you need more than one PMO.

Our review and assessment service identifies the context and purpose of your PMO to determine performance concerning your organization’s needs, expectations, and requirements. More than that, we assess whether your organization can potentially benefit from an expanded PMO role.

ASSESSMENTS - Project Management Staff

Your organization might have invested in project management over the years and want to assess your project managers and other project management team members. Ideally, if you have an established project management process, we can evaluate your project management professionals against your established guidelines. In the absence of an established system, we can assess the project managers and team members according to global competency guidelines.