Why the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects?


Between 2004 and 2007, we were delivering certification training to numerous clients in all industries. The message that we were hearing from workshop participants was, "we understand the content, but not sure how to apply it." We started to explore the situation, and we came to recognize two fundamental root causes:

  1. The first root cause was that most of the guides from professional associations do not offer a methodological approach. Further, these guides were too generic and do not consider the various domains and project types.
  2. The second point was that many practitioners missed the fact that these guides were not stand-alone. These guides call for a link to an organizational project management system. However, most of our clients came from domains new to project management, and their organizations have not invested in building an organizational project management system. Even those coming from technology or capital projects still struggled. Therefore, they could not visualize the link.

The challenges faced by our clients led to these two key findings. We also realized that these were not local or regional problems but global. It was time to do something about it.

Consequently, in 2007, we started the SUKAD Project Management Innovation program (research & development). This program's core objectives were (a) to clarify the challenges and (b) develop solutions. We began with a methodology to address the first challenge. Next, we shifted to developing an organizational solution. The results are what we will present under the SUKAD Way™ Project Management Framework.

Further, we also realized that we have a dual responsibility.

Our first responsibility is toward the practice of project management, our core competence, and passion. SUKAD endeavors to advance the practice of Project Management.

Also, we do have an ethical responsibility to deliver our customers the best services possible that are no less than world-class.

That is WHY we had started and sustained the SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects, which we continue to enhance and grow. The most significant change that SUKAD is leading now is transforming this sustained knowledge toward building a digital solution, the Uruk PPM Platform.