Who is behind the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects?


SUKAD Corp is a startup, only a few months young. So, where did this content come from?


Before SUKAD Corp, Mounir A. Ajam, our co-founder and CEO, had established SUKAD FZ-LLC in the UAE, 2004, and led it until 2019. Mounir and the SUKAD FZ-LLC team had been driving the project management innovation program. Mounir's main support were two individuals, friends, and colleagues; these are Mr. Luc Bauwmans and Ms. Nada Chaban.

All SUKAD FZ-LLC Intellectual Property, the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework, all content for the training courses, and all consultancy solutions that you see on this site have been assigned to SUKAD Corp. We have made the transfer as part of the SUKAD Corp launch and co-founders’ agreement. SUKAD FZ-LLC is no longer active!