Project Management & Product Delivery Methodology

The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™


We know this is a long name, but to be accurate, it is shorter than what it should have been. It should have been the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects and Delivering Products; CAMMPDP. We took away the last part because we believe the purpose of managing projects is to deliver products, so, no need for extra words. 

CAMMP™ is the SUKAD approach for managing projects, concept to success (C2S). CAMMP™ is a three-dimensional model that integrates learning and leading practices from global associations such as PMI, IPMA, ISO, and GPM Global.

The three dimensions are:

  1. The first dimension is a Project Life Cycle model, which covers a project end-to-end, from idea to closure, and depending on the situation, beyond closure.
  2. The second dimension is for the project management processes as they repeat from phase to phase or stage to stage. The foundation for this is ISO 21500 and the PMBOK® Guide, but as modified and updated by SUKAD.
  3. The third dimension covers advanced topics such as Competence (from IPMA), Sustainability (from GPM Global), Best Practices (such as those for capital projects from Construction Industry Institute), and Project Success (a SUKAD approach).

From the methodological approach and the standard model (shown here), we can develop numerous fit-for-purpose, tailored methods, which is what we are incorporating into the Uruk PPM Platform.

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If you are interested in SUKAD helping you develop tailored methods that are unique to your organization, check this page for more information or contact us directly.