Organizational Project Management Maturity

The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™


The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (The 7Es™) is our leading approach for building and sustaining the organizational system for managing projects. The Organizational Project Management (OPM) System would help organizations enhance their project performance and work toward becoming a true center of excellence. The model blends our own work with leading professional associations and thought leaders in project management.

The SUKAD OPM approach consists of seven elements: the fundamental elements, the differentiating elements, and the strategic element.


The fundamental elements of this OPM System are:

  1. 1D, Project Life Cycle: This element refers to the first dimension of the CAMMP™ Model, a project life cycle.
  2. 2D, Processes, and Functions: This is the second dimension of CAMMP™, with the process, processes steps, and functions, which we modified from ISO 21500 and the PMBOK®Guide.
  3. Tools and Technology: This is not unique to CAMMP™; rather, it covers any software or tools that might exist or be internally developed.

The differentiating elements (the circles) are:

  1. 3D, Advanced Topics: These are topics listed as the third dimension of CAMMP™ and deal with subjects such as competence, sustainability, best practices, and project success, which we believe are a must for advancing the field of project management.
  2. Leadership and Professional Development: There are numerous resources and books on project management, leadership, and professional development.SUKAD Professional Services offers clients these services.
  3. Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning: This element covers such things as the corporate knowledge base, lessons learned, tools, and approaches for sharing knowledge, among other actions and components. This is one of the five primary elements of the Uruk PPM Platform.

The strategic element (the outer circle) is:

  1. Strategic and Organizational Aspects: This element is about the proper organizational aspects such as project governance, portfolio management, and strategic planning. This is also one of the elements of the Uruk PPM Platform.


SUKAD has developed a consultancy approach that we can use to help organizations establish and sustain their organizational project management systems. The SUKAD approach is a program, extended approach.