Overview, Resources, Products, and Knowledge Portal

In this section, we are sharing various resources in the spirit of community learning and knowledge sharing. However, please note the following:

  1. Most of the SUKAD produced media and publications are listed under the Knowledge & Innovation section.
  2. Under the product section, we list books and exam prep study material that SUKAD sells. Some of these could be free resources, however, the majority are books and software we buy for our clients. Typically, we will be able to offer some of these resources for discounts.
  3. Most of the content under the knowledge portal section is open and free. However, some pages would require registrations on the website.
  4. Other resources and documents might be restricted to SUKAD clients.
  5. Further, in 2020, we are likely to have more premium content that would be accessible for a subscription program that could open most of the content for a reasonable fee to support the continuous development and sharing of premium content.

The Resources section have three sub-sections. These are Products, Knowledge Portal, and PM to the World.