Project Management Beyond the Hype

This e-book is the seventh and last e-book in a series on project management. The series is the Adaptive Project Management & Tailored Methods Series. Its primary focus is to present the various aspects and elements of the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing ProjectsTM (CAMMPTM). CAMMPTM is part of the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework1 and is a project management methodological approach that SUKAD has developed and continues to enhance, currently at version 3.

There are two e-book series that are related to CAMMPTM.

This first one, the Adaptive Project Management & Tailored Methods Series, consists of seven e-books. The series focuses on understanding the project management state of practice, challenges, opportunities, and the need for adaptive project management. Adaptive project management requires tailored methods to manage all types of projects, regardless of industry, type, size, or complexity. The series includes a few e-books dedicated to The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing ProjectsTM and how to apply this approach in the real world. A significant part of the content of the series is in line with Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile (Ajam, 2017) that CRC Press published in December 2017.

The second series is about the application of CAMMPTM on real projects in the real world; CAMMPTM Case Studies and Simulations Series. The focus of this second series is on Micro 2 Projects and Small-Simple Projects. We currently envision seven e-books in this series , but we could add more in the future. Each e-book, except the first one, is dedicated to one or more case study of a real micro or small project. These projects are projects that we have completed. We also include simulations of projects. For clarity, the term case studies represent real, completed projects, whereas the term simulation refers to a hypothetical but realistic project. In either case, we cover the projects from concept to closure, C2C.

Please note that we are publishing e-books of both series in parallel.