The Uruk platform, Equity Crowdfunding


SUKAD Corp, a United States-based startup, has filed with the US Security and Exchange Commission, via WeFunder Platform, to launch an equity-based crowdfunding campaign.

SUKAD Corp is developing The Uruk Platform, a comprehensive, versatile, and pioneering cloud-based solution, which we like to call the Engine of Project Success. The Uruk Platform enables organizations to complete their projects and deliver products to market faster and at a lower cost, significantly enhancing shareholder value.

To consider being part of our historical initiative, please see this video to learn about what role you can play. 



However, our immediate need is for investment to continue the development.

The primary route is the WeFunder Platform. Please click here to view the campaign page with all of the relevant information. The funding is open to accredited investors and the general public. If you are an angel investor, you can review the WeFunder Campaign, but you can also reach out to us if you like to have a one-on-one discussion to clarify any points or queries that you might have.


A message about crowdfunding

There are different types of crowdfunding campaigns,

  • The first is what most people are familiar with, is Reward-Based Crowdfunding. This type allows anyone to contribute money, like a donation, to a social cause or a consumer product. In return, you might get a small gift or discounts on the product.
  • Another type is an equity-based crowdfunding model. In this case, you are not donating money. You are investing in a startup in the early stages of development. What you invest, you will get back with interest, or it will convert into stocks in the company. This model is what we are using with WeFunder



For more information

Please click here to view the campaign page with all of the relevant information.

If you would like to discuss the investment directly with our CEO, Mounir A. Ajam, you can book a meeting with him via

Images showing the functional centers of the Uruk Platform