Overview, SUKAD Technology Solutions

SUKAD Technology Solutions (STS) is a SUKAD division, which is primarily about the Uruk PPM Platform.

SUKAD Technology Solutions' mandate is to help organizations transform their project management practice through technology. This transformation would include and start with the Uruk PPM Platform. However, some organizations might have their organizational project management system and do not want to adopt CAMMP™ or Uruk. In these situations, we would be happy to support them in implementing a solution that fits their needs and vision.

There are two major website sections under SUKAD Technology Solutions. These are:

  1. The SUKAD Way—Uruk PPM Link, and 
  2. The Uruk PPM Platform.

However, since we are still in the startup mode, we include a section about investment and partnership opportunities to develop the Uruk PPM Platform.

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