Journey to Disrupt Project Management’s Current State of Practice

SUKAD wants to help organizations save millions and billions of US$ on their projects. To achieve this objective, we aim to disrupt the project management's current state of practice and go beyond generic hype. We invite you to join us on this historic journey.

The primary reason for establishing SUKAD Corp is to help organizations transform their project management practice and disrupt the current practice state. We would trigger these transformations with the Uruk PPM Platform, which requires the following sequential process toward excellence and growth. 




The Stages of Success

Many of these stages overlap

The first step took a few years to mature the knowledge foundation for the Uruk PPM Platform. The Foundation is the SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects framework and the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™, which we had developed and continue to enhance since 2007.

The second stage started in 2019, recruiting a group of co-founders from the project management community and friends and family. Together, we raised an initial capital of about US$170 K, registered the corporation in the United States, started the development of the platform, and completing the various business setup matters.

We are here!

The third stage is to continue the platform development to reach the market release of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), go to market, collect feedback, and continue developing the other elements. The output would be a robust platform, and the anticipated outcome is nothing less than stunning success. To achieve this objective, we need your help to fuel this stage.

The fourth stage is to build an outstanding global partnership and distribution network. With the partners, we would offer the SUKAD Corp services around the world, with the Uruk PPM Platform as the core solution. We have started this process already with our co-founders. Further, we are working on identifying potential clients, especially those pioneers that are ready to transform their project management practice digitally.

Finally, the market release of the minimum viable product to end the first project in the Uruk PPM Program. The program will continue for years to come.