Introduction to the Uruk PPM Platform


We are not about building software; we are here to change the project management culture and disrupt the project management’s current state of practice.

The ultimate purpose of SUKAD Corp is to help organizations build and sustain their project management functions to elevate their performance and become centers of excellence. The Uruk PPM Platform is an ideal starting point since it has the basic organizational project management system and tailored methods built-in and no need to recreate them. This would enable an expedited and effective transformation!

SUKAD wants to empower organizations with a solution that would enable a leading-edge approach to managing the whole portfolio with ready access to all organizational levels.

The Uruk PPM Platform would give executives, portfolio managers, and project teams the infrastructure to lead!

At SUKAD, we genuinely believe that there is nothing in the market today that would fully match what we envision. It is worth noting that we are not a software company trying to add a product or a tool. We are project management experts with decades of global, real-world project expertise, developing a solution based on what we have learned in these decades, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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For a short video on Uruk, Click Here.