Professional Development Programs

At SUKAD, our Professional Development Program features one-on-one engagement – the ideal approach in achieving success. We provide coaching, mentoring, and shadowing, all designed to enhance learning and development. We can also provide a Personal Development component.

As it is, your organization may not be equipped to provide an effective Professional Development Program. The truth is, even a talented in-house team may fall short when it comes to optimizing organizational performance. That’s exactly where SUKAD comes in with the tools and resources.

Project Management Competency Development

In supporting our Professional Development Program, we help your organization to establish a Competency Development framework for the various roles associated with Project Management. The “framework” is designed as a basis for creating an employee’s personal development plan. This is a sophisticated approach to enhancing every aspect of your teams’ management prowess.

Career Management Framework Services

At SUKAD, our Career Management Framework is a system that we implement to supplement project management functions in medium and large organizations. Unique to this system is our PM Professional Ladder – it includes a range of career management factors: job designations; job descriptions; educational requirements; advancement criteria; and other relevant factors