Mentoring, Coaching, and Shadowing Program

Professional development and competency development could be limited to training or establishing a full professional development program for all organization levels. These development programs, and regardless of the level, can including coaching, mentoring, and shadowing.


Coaching is the ideal catalyst for a small in-house team or individuals working on a specific project (from end-to-end). We “coach” as the project progresses, contributing to a better process. One of our PM Quest online courses, Leading Your Personal Project, also includes an option with personal coaching.


Mentoring is a more general approach and not necessarily linked to a given project. We work with an in-house manager to focus on the “big picture” and the essence of project management. We can also train your internal resources to function as internal mentors.


Shadowing can be valuable to your organization in two distinct ways.

One option is for SUKAD to provide a consultant who will “shadow” an individual or entire team, offering advice, coaching, and mentoring.

Another option is to have one of our consultants to manage your project fully. In this way, one or more of your team “shadows” our consultant to learn, discover, and experience.