Overview, SUKAD Organizational Solutions


The quest to master project management skills never ends. For most of us, our mission is to expand and enhance those skills. At SUKAD, we specialize in Integrated Project Management Solutions, satisfying an ever-growing need to improve and advance project management practices.

SUKAD Organizational Solutions (SOS) provides you with a portfolio of services focused on four independent components:  Advisory – Consultancy – Outsourcing – Talent Development. These professional project management services can be provided individually or combined and tailored to suit your specific corporate needs.



When it comes to the world of organizational solutions, SUKAD is a pioneer – a leader in project management, operational innovation, and research/development. Simply put, our sole purpose is to help our clients succeed, and we do it by sharing our knowledge, experience, and expertise. After all, clients’ Success is the “S” in SUKAD.

Find out more about SUKAD by reviewing other parts of our website or contact us to set up an initial advisory session. We’ll get you started with an action plan that is provocative and productive – with industry-leading practices that meet global standards.