Executives and Management Advisory Services

At SUKAD, we understand the high level of responsibility and accountability that goes with project management – particularity with budgets in the millions (and even billions). As a project leader, you know only too well how critical you are with regard to project success.

Many executives downplay their involvement in a project’s inception, planning, and implementation. In today’s challenging business environments, this is fundamentally wrong – and has been substantiated by numerous research findings **.

The executive role in project management is critical, essential, and integral. Unfortunately, many executives aren’t fully aware of their effect on project success or failure. Here again, the research shows how critical direct involvement can be from inception to application.

Today, many top-level executives don’t have formal project management expertise or in-depth experience in project management practices. More than that, internal managers may also be short in training and experience. The task here is to overcome the shortfalls.

In meeting the need for more sophisticated project management, organizations consider building a Project Management Office or training their staff through various certification programs. The big question is how to ensure an option with the best return-on-investment.

At SUKAD, our Executive and Management Advisory service is focused on advancing senior management capacities. We do it through one-on-one engagement, with a made-to-measure approach that fits specifically with the individual executive and organization's needs.

SUKAD services are adaptive – we can provide short-term executive coaching – we can offer you a “sounding board” or help you facilitate decision-making. However, for the best results and outcomes, we recommend extensive engagement with you and your team.

Because your organization might not have the tools and resources to create a compelling management development program, SUKAD Advisory Services might be the answer. We can measurably maximize personnel competence while enhancing organizational performance.