Career Management and Talent Development

We are not a Human Capital consultancy or about the human resource function. However, when it comes to project management, we do have an edge since we know how to structure, build, and sustain the project management function.

You might have an admirable in-house management team in your organization. However, they might not have the sophisticated skills to create a career management framework or a professional& competency development program specific to project management, especially for senior management and the executive levels.

SUKAD can fill that insufficiency – we assess your organizational expectations and custom design a comprehensive program that involves all levels of your organizational hierarchy. We can also create a program to dovetail with one of your existing programs that have shown promise. 

A step-by-step approach to Professional Development

When you work with SUKAD, you’re benefitting from the totality of our knowledge and expertise and our in-depth research and development. Our step-by-step approach is meant to achieve two objectives:  maximizing the learning experience AND assuring the application of new practices.