Project Control Element


The last element of the SUKAD Way™ Project Management Framework consists of two parts: The first is the Four Control Reference Points™, and the second is the Six Steps of Project Performance Management.

The Four Control Reference Points™

The Four Control Reference Points are needed to help practitioners understand that project control starts with the approved idea and not with an approved plan. We view the approved idea (Project Brief in CAMMP™) at Stage Gate 1 as the first control point. Control would be compared to the 1st point and would remain active until the team establishes the second point, the Project Authorization Document at Stage Gate 2.

The team would follow the same process and CRP2 for control until they establish the 3rd point with the Project Management Plan at Stage Gate 4. Then once again until the 4th control reference point with the Project Detailed Plan at Stage Gate 5.

The Six Steps of Project Performance Management

Regardless of whether you are assessing a subject's performance, a stage, or the whole project, we recommend the six steps of project performance management.

We cover this concept in our project control workshops, with examples and a simulation.