Project Success Approach

The Four Dimensions of Project Success

Project success is a hotly debated topic with a huge diversity of views. At SUKAD, we have a slightly different perspective than what commonly considered or accepted. We explain on this page.

Gaps in Practice: Perspective

There are gaps in common practice, which makes this topic important.

Some project management practitioners view project success from a narrow angle, such as from the perspective of a Service Provider or a technical project manager but not from the perspective of the Project Owner, which is the reason the project exists in the first place. Therefore, the SUKAD 4Ds reflect a view of the whole project concept to success.

Gaps in Practice: Success Criteria

Lack of success criteria is another gap in common practice.

During the authorization of the project, project and executive management should define and agree on the project success criteria in order to determine project success at the end.

It is common that some organizations ignore establishing success criteria, do not perform a proper definition of success, or do not communicate it to the project team. The threat here is with no criteria, how can an assessment of project success be done?

Establishing Success Criteria

This has been the topic of a substantial debate on LinkedIn that has been going on for a while. How to establish success criteria? This is a highly subjective topic since it varies from one industry to another, one organization to another, and even within the same organization from one division to another.

With CAMMP™, the added complexity is: do we have the criteria for all dimensions together or each dimension will have separate criterion? At this time, we are not suggesting criteria, but we will in the future.

It is not either/or

We do not view project success as either/or, meaning success or failure. We prefer at least one intermediate measure.

For more details about the SUKAD The Four Dimensions of Project Success™, reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss all aspects. Further, the 4Ds model is incorporated in the Uruk PPM Platform.