Overview, SUKAD Knowledge and Innovation

SUKAD Knowledge and Innovation (SKI) is one of the SUKAD pillars and represents SUKAD identity. We group the SUKAD Innovation products under the brand name: The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects, or the SUKAD Way™ for short.

There are four major parts to this section. These parts are:

  1. General Information: The General Information part covers the why, what, who, and history of the SUKAD Way™.
  2. The PM Framework: This represents the SUKAD Way™ Project Management Framework, which consists of the output of the SUKAD Way™ (methodologies and approaches).
  3. Media and Publications: With the Framework in place, the next step has been to publish the content of our work via e-books series and books.
  4. Licensing and Franchising: SUKAD is open to offering services through partners, licensees, and franchisees. Licensing includes our extensive training program, our consultancy approach, and our digital solution, the Uruk Platform.

We will address each of these parts and their components in dedicated pages; in this section of the website.