Overview, SUKAD Knowledge & Innovation

The SUKAD Knowledge & Innovation (SKI) is a SUKAD Corp division and includes products and services related to the SUKAD Project Management Innovation Program.The brand name that we have been using for the results of the SUKAD Knowledge & Innovation is TheSUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects.

There are four major parts in this section. These are:

  1. The SUKAD Way, General Information:The why, what, who, and history.
  2. The SUKAD Way, Framework: The results of our research and development work.


These first two items are mostly internal work and not customers’ services, products, or solutions. We list them here for awareness and knowledge sharing.

  1. Media and Publications: These would the result of our SUKAD Way work that we sell or offer as a part of a subscription service.
  2. Licensing and Franchising: This is a future item, and,as it is clear from the name, these are about offering services through partners; licensees, and franchisees.

We will address each of these parts and their components in dedicated pages; in this section of the website.