Project Management Open Discussions


The Project Management Servant Leader Initiative (SLI), Open Group Discussions

In the summer of 2020, SUKAD Corp started The Outreach Program. The program focuses on branding SUKAD (and Mounir Ajam) as thought leaders in applied project management. The program includes numerous outreach activities and initiatives. One of those initiatives is The Project Management Servant Leader Initiative (SLI), which is our way of engaging and serving the project management community of practice. This initiative includes various elements and services, and all of them will be free of charge.

A core element of SLI is the project management open group discussions that we will conduct every Saturday at Noon, US CST time zone (GMT – 6). The following table presents the upcoming events.

Event Date Title/Theme Speaker Registration Link Video Link

January 23rd, 2021 

Let us be agile

Mounir A. Ajam   Registration Link  Note 1
January 30th, 2021

Facilitated, Open Mic    

Mounir A. Ajam  Registration Link   Note 1

Note 1: We will provide the Youtube video links after the session.