Project Management Case Studies

This page is to share various project management case studies. We share them here, but we ask the user to check the copyrights and creative commons guidelines before sharing with others since some restrictions might apply.

The following is a short description of each case study with a link to access the full case study in PDF format. Although we list these case studies per certain categories, most of the learning is applicable across all types of projects and domains:


1. Working across Continents/Organizations: The solution for this challenge was modular construction and four construction sites. Splitting the construction work among multiple sites helped us avoid the island space limitations and labor issues. Further, by going to fabrication yards, we were able to enhance safety and workforce productivity..

2. Innovation in MegaprojectsThe project was on a small island, with an existing refinery and limited space for the new plant. As a result,
we had to reclaim land from the sea to increase the plot space...

3. Involving Stakeholders in Project ControlThe key to success was: cost-effectiveness reduced the owner costs, which in turn increased the
contractor's profit, and led to bonuses for contractor's managers, plus good performance reviews. In other
words, it was a win-win-win situation (owner-contractor-people)...

4. From Adversaries to Integrated Team: This effort was a significant contributor to enhancing project control performance and overall projects’
performance. The enhanced relations and trust helped in renewing the Alliance Contract for another 4 years...