Project Management has become a necessity for any organization, regardless of the industry or domain. SUKAD understands the reality of the world of PM, challenges, and opportunities. It is vital for us to understand that project management is an applied domain, and to master it, we need to use what we learn in the real world and on real projects; hence the name of the channel, SUKAD, Applied Project Management.

This channel is a video library, where we are approaching 200 videos. Many of them are casual reflections on a given topic or an answer to a viewer question. However, many videos reflect our unique approach, The SUKAD Way™, for Managing Projects. Consequently, many videos are related our the SUKAD Project Management Innovation program, which we started in 2007. Learn with us, ask questions, offer suggestions, critique our work.


For more in-depth learning, head to The Quest to Mastering Project Management (PM Quest;