Vision, Mission, Core Values


"Project Management for All Aspects of Life"

SUKAD recognizes the fact that Project management touches people on both personal and professional aspects and could add value to all organizations and industries.

The SUKAD proactively supports this vision by:

Raising awareness about the importance of strategic project management and its direct contribution to organizational performance.

Providing professional and educational events across our communities.

Aiding NGOs and non-profit organizations in building capacity to serve the community at large.


"Be an Agent of Change and a Catalyst for Development"

SUKAD aims to play an advance role in promoting project management and be the catalyst for personal, professional, organizational, and national development in our areas of operations through our leading and pioneering integrated project management solutions (The SUKAD Way™) and the SUKAD Social and Professional Initiatives (2SPI™ program).

Core Values

Dedication to Service Distinction
Honesty and Integrity
Pioneering and Leadership
Respect for Team, Family & Community
Embrace Diversity of Culture, Resources, Network & Services