SUKAD Business Structure

In terms of services to our global customers, SUKAD consists of three core service verticals, which are also represented via our logo. 

  1. SUKAD Knowledge and Innovation (SKI): The core element is the SUKAD Knowledge & Innovation division. This division is home to the SUKAD Project Management Innovation program, trademarked as the SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects. In addition to the development of the SUKAD Way, this division is also responsible for producing media and publications, and soon licensing and franchising. SKI is critical for SUKAD since it provides the knowledge foundation for the other two verticals.
  2. SUKAD Technology Solutions (STS): SKI drives SUKAD Technology Solutions, which is mostly about the Uruk PPM Platform, a cloud-based solution.
  3. SUKAD Professional Services (SPS): SKI also provides most of the knowledge foundation for the SUKAD professional Services. The Uruk PPM Platform also drives a good part of the professional services.

    Professional Services consists of two major service areas, organizational solutions, and training.