SUKAD Business Profile

Leading Integrated Project Management Solutions Provider

SUKAD Corp (SUKAD Project Portfolio Management Solutions) is a startup with a history. The history started in 1998, but the last iteration was SUKAD FZ-LLC, a UAE-based company, founded in 2004. SUKAD Corp is partially a continuation of the UAE company, with a few exceptions.

SUKAD core focus would be on the Uruk PPM Platform, which would be the primary driver to engaging clients for the various SUKAD services. The Uruk PPMPlatform would be the solution that would significantly enhance our ability to offer Integrated Project Management Solutions (IPMS).

In addition to developing and marketing the Uruk PPM Platform, SUKAD has developed numerous courses and training programs, an online training program, and organizational development and consultancy solutions. Once the Uruk PPM Platform is ready for the market initial release, we would be marketing all other products, services, and solutions.

The bottom line, SUKAD Corp core competency is project management and all of our work evolve around this dynamic domain and emerging profession.