Leading Integrated Project Management Solutions Provider

The Uruk Platform
Essential Highlights

(1) Methodology-driven: a solution based on decades of real-world experience
(2)Highly competitive price inclusive of resources’ library
(3)Developed by project management experts
(4) Seamless integration among the various organizational levels
(5)Transparency & Governance: Real-time reporting and performance metrics
(6) Support: integration with consultancy and training
(7) Versatile: can be used for any project, regardless of type, size, or complexity

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The Uruk Platform
Learn from Your History

Many organizations lose the history of their projects as employees exit or forget. If they fail to properly archive project history - and they often do - their history will be lost forever. The Uruk Platform will help you capture:

all project actions in real-time
project documents
schedules and tracking
cost estimates and budgets
project changes and risks
alternatives and decisions

all are stored in one place, with ready searchable and accessible manner

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The Uruk Platform
Empowering with Knowledge

The Uruk Platform 'core engine and knowledge foundation' is with the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects. The primary element is the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects. However, the Platform will also incorporate the other elements of the framework, such as the Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity, Project Success, and Project Contorl.

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Project-Based Learning
Applied Project Management

Project management is not soft-skills training where people can practice what they learn immediately. Project management is an applied domain. Sure, one can learn the concepts and even achieve one certification or another, but can he manage a project?

One of the best ways for becoming a great project manager is per the PBL approach, which focuses on the immediate application of the learned concept. The SUKAD preferred method for delivering training in the spirit of applied project management is the project-based learning approach.

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Project Management Knowledge
SUKAD Publications

We in SUKAD believe that we do have an ethical and professional responsibility to promote knowledge to advance the emerging profession of project management. We do so through our books, ebooks, blog site, and YouTube Channel.

Our publications include: Project Management Foundation, Redefining the Basics of Project Management, Applied Project Management, Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile, and soon, Leading Megaprojects, A Tailored Approach.

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Build and Sustain
the Project Management Function

SUKAD knows that organizations, which deliver value through projects, must really consider formalizing the project management function and we are here to help. What is the process that we recommend for this transformation?

We will work with your executive committee to define the strategic aspects. Next, we will work with your organizational development experts to design the project management function as a formal business unit.

After laying the organizational development foundation, we will move to implement the organizational project management system and develop tailored methods, as outlined in other parts of this website.

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